Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is the process of cutting large incisions into wall or slab concrete. This can also include drilling, controlled sawing, or even removing concrete altogether. Skilled professionals employ a variety of methods to make their work as precise as possible. Typically, a diamond blade is used to accommodate the numerous types of material and strength that can be encountered. It is generally best to hire a skilled professional to handle your concrete cutting needs and that is exactly why Accurate Concrete Cutting LLC is here for you!

Core Drilling

A core drill is used to bore a hole through concrete in the core drilling process. Unlike other methods of drilling, during core drilling the material inside the hole is removed intact. This cylindrical “core” may be used to create cement columns.

Most cement core drills use a core drill bit made with diamond. The diamond core drill bit ensures that the machine will be effective and durable. Using a core drill requires more than just quality equipment, it requires the skills of a professional concrete cutting operator.  Give us a call for your core drilling needs! 

Egress Window Cutting

Egress windows are simply windows that are big enough to be used as an emergency exit and/or provide entrance for emergency personnel. They are designed to provide you and your loved ones with a means of escape or rescue during a fire or other emergency. Modern building codes require that all homes have egress windows in the basement and in all bedrooms throughout the house making egress window cutting services very important.

Other Services Offered:

Wire Sawing
Wall Sawing
Concrete Sealing
Concrete and Asphalt Demolition

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